Waiting for the Train

It's quiet for a Tuesday.

Usually the platform is busy, lots of people waiting for the down-line to Cardiff.  Sometimes no room to get on the train.  But today it's not bad at all.  A dozen or so of us.

And the weather's good, so I can wander up and down the platform slowly, in the sunshine.  I like doing that.  Lets me think.

Usually, anyway.  But not today, it seems.

A young girl calls a friend on her mobile.  She looks about sixteen.  She talks at full volume.

'Hello?....hello yeah?  Yeah, it's me it is.  You heard about last night?  I haven't long got home.  Yeah.....no, the 'Ocean', we couldn't get in Kiwi's they wouldn't let us in.  No....

What it is, right, we went in, and Kyle went to get the drinks, then this bloke starts pushing Kyle away and Kyle shoves him back and they starts, so then this bouncer comes in and he picks on Kyle, right, like he started it, and I goes in and I say 'It isn't his fault, he didn't start it,' then this bouncer pushes me away, so Kyle pushes him back and then this other bouncer comes over and he starts on me, so I grabs his head and I starts on him.  Then the police comes in and they takes me and Kyle away, right, and I they takes us off down to the station and they locks us up, right? and this copper say I gotta stay there all night til this morning when I'll get charged, right, so I say 'I can't stay here, I gorra baby at home.'

She goes quiet, listening to the response.  The rails start to rattle.

Here it comes. 

We all move to the platform's edge.

Me first.

If I time it right I won't feel a thing.

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